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Hello everyone,

As all of you know, all tutorials for the official rounds on Codeforces on YouTube are made in English or Indian.

I also know that most Arab beginners are not good at English, so I created a YouTube channel to solve the official rounds on Codeforces in Arabic (surely after they end) to make it easier for Arab beginners to understand the tutorials and reduce stress on them.

I encourage everyone who knows that beginners in their country are not good at English to make tutorials for them in their language to make it easier for them to understand the tutorials (as they are beginners).

My name is Mohamed Alkady, an Arab programmer and problem solver. I have a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching programming basics and problem-solving. It also includes clips about artificial intelligence and a look at cybersecurity. The main focus of the channel is teaching programming to beginners.

If you are an Arab beginner, you can watch the last few rounds and upcoming rounds on my channel.

====> Help people, God will help you <====

Thanks for reading.


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