Invitation to October Clash on HackerEarth

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Hello, and, again, you are invited to a monthly contest: HackerEarth October Clash.

The problemsetter this time is RomaWhite; I'm the tester and editorialist. After all, I have to give I_love_Tanya_Romanova a chance to compete! :D

The contest takes place this weekend (starting time) and runs for 24 hours. As usual, there should be 56 algorithmic problems with partial scoring (points are given independently for passing each test file) and 1 challenge problem. I think the problems are easier than last month, when two subtasks of one problem went unsolved by anyone.

Good luck!

Btw, round 1 of COCI overlaps with this Clash for 3 hours. That, of course, doesn't mean it's not possible to participate in both at the same time — from my own experience.

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