Let's have some fun — November Easy'15 on HackerEarth

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Hello Codeforces!

November Easy is taking place on October the 1-st at 19:00 MSK. Contest duration is 3 hours.

The contest will consist of 6 problems. Each problem is worth 100 points. Most of them have partial scoring. Ties are resolved by penalty time.

I've decided to experiment a bit, so the format of the contest will slightly differ from the previous ones. There will be:

  • 4 usual algorithm problems of various difficulty. In my opinion they might be interesting for complete beginners as well as for enough experienced participants.

  • 2 problems that differ from usual ACM / IOI tasks.

I'd like to thank all the guys who worked on it with me: admins belowthebelt, MDCCXXIX, tester Kmcode and editorialist pkacprzak. Your suggestions and ideas were really useful. I hope I'll work with all of you again in the future :)

As this contest is called Easy it will not require complicated implementations or too hard ideas, but I'm quite sure that participants of almost all the levels will be able to find interesting problems.

Good luck and enjoy it!

And almost forgot about nice bonus: Top 5 beginners (1st year or 2nd year) will receive HackerEarth Tshirts.

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