VK Cup 2016 — Round 2 (announcement)

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In 6 hours 2nd Round of the VK Cup 2016 programming competition is going to happen! If you haven't registered for the round — don't worry! There is an extra registration!

The teams who has advanced from VK Cup 2016 Round 1 and VK Cup 2016 Wildcard Round 1 can participate in this round. The competition has regular Codeforces rules. Also in the same time with official round there is a regular rated Codeforces round played on the same problem set for participants from both div1/div2 divisions.

This round was prepared by AlexFetisov and winger. That is the first round which we have prepared as authors. We want to thank Gleb Evstropov (GlebsHP) for his help. Gleb is doing great job as Codeforces coordinator and I wanted to tell that one more time! Also we want to thank Kamil Debowski (Errichto), Mateusz Radecki (Radewoosh), Boris Minaev (qwerty787788), Pavel Kunyavskiy (PavelKunyavskiy) for their help in testing the problems and for great suggestions. Huge shout out for Mike Mirzayanov (MikeMirzayanov) for everything he has done for all of us!

To advance to Round 3 team should have a positive score and has score not less than the score of the 100th team in the final scoreboard. Also note that all teams advanced to Round 3 will get a special edition t-shirt of the competition. Also top-50 participants of the round 3 will get this t-shirt as well.

Good luck and have fun!


Round has been finished. There were some problems during round but we hope that you enjoyed problems. Congratulations to the winners!

Official VK Round 2:

  1. Who`s On First Base!: -XraY-, ershov.stanislav
  2. Beer and lemon tea: sankear, Zlobober
  3. MYCOPOBO3: V--o_o--V, LHiC
  4. Never Lucky: subscriber, tourist
  5. 33% less bad jokes: ifsmirnov, Arterm

Div1 results: Congratulations to anta who is the winner of this round div1 solving the hardest problem of the contest.

  1. anta
  2. jqdai0815
  3. Petr
  4. dotorya
  5. ikatanic

Div2 results:

Congratulations to alexrcoleman who is the winner of this round div2 solving all problems less than in an hour!

  1. alexrcoleman
  2. nherceg
  3. santjuan
  4. mkisic
  5. unused

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