Let's get some data :D [a short survey]

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So I'm very curious to see how those factors correlate to your codeforces rating and other competitive programming accomplishments.

I hope that enough people will answer those questions so we'd get a representative sample and see what works on average and what doesn't.

1- How old were you when you solved your first competitive programming problem?

2- What is your primary programming language?

3- How many hours do you (on average) train weekly?

4- How many hours do you estimate that you've trained your entire life?

5- How many minutes do you spend on average thinking about a problem before giving up and reading the tutorial?

6- How many hours do you sleep on average?

7- Do you drink coffee and/or other caffeinated beverages during competitions?

8- Do you drink coffee and/or other caffeinated beverages during training?

9- How many years have you been training?

10- How much did your school promote critical thinking Rate on the scale of 1-10 (1 being rote learning all memorization no thinking at all and 10 being awesome super genius teachers)

11- How many months did it take you to reach Div 1?

I know that those are a lot of questions but please answer them so I can prepare some wonderful graphs and stats.

Also feel free to suggest any other factors that might have some impact.


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