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Hello everybody!

I know that I've updated my first blog regarding Info(1) Cup a lot of times and I might already seem annoying. Well, the fact is that the first blog's main point was registering new countries in the competition and introducing it. This new blog is for those that might not have seen my updates regarding the online mirrors:

For about 1 day from now on, you'll be able to take part in any 5-hours frame that you wish in a virtual contest in the exactly same conditions as the official participants had. We find the problems really interesting and we challenge you to solve them all. I'm sure that taking part in this contest should be a positive experience for everyone, so I invite you to participate. The contest is OI like (with partial score based on subtask) and includes an interactive task. You can register and find the link of the contest here. The live scoreboard is on. The live scoreboard does not properly work. You may not appear right now on it, but stay calm, after we give it a refresh, you will. We'll do that at least once after the ending, so that all participants will appear in the final rankings and maybe few more times till the then.

LE: We've extended the duration of the online mirror by one day.

I have just been asked whether we'll have proper editorials. The answer is a categorical YES, they'll be published on the official site

Only a day left from the online mirror. Also, take care at the announcements on the interface, they are really meaningful

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