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Hi CF Community,

Here is my blog
I have started to write about the interesting problems I encounter during contests. Interesting means really interesting, the problems that kept me thinking for hours or those having beautiful solution worth mentioning.
After explaining the underlying concept and solution, I usually also attach the code at the end of post.

So if you are bored and need a place where you can find good problems, see how they were solved, learn something new, you should check out the posts I make on the blog.
I suggest to read one post everyday before going to bed. Also people in DIV2 can certainly learn a lot by reading the posts. I have 4 posts as for now:
1. A Hard Combinatorics Problem
2. A Longest SubArray Problem
3. A Greedy, Math Problem
4. A Connectivity Problem on Directed Graph (NEW)
5. A Hard Problem on Bit Logic (NEW)

I will try to be as active as possible.



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