Yandex.Algorithm 2017, third elimination round

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It is my pleasure to inform you that today, on June 4 at 15:00 MSK the third and final elimination round of the Yandex.Algorithm 2017 championship will take place. I'm equally pleased to tell that the problems of the round were prepared by me, Mikhail Tikhomirov. I worked for Yandex for three years, and had a great time in a friendly and professional team. Cheers to Yandex!

This round wouldn't take place if not for the work of these great people:

  • Lidia lperovskaya Perovskaya and her team who are responsible for the Yandex.Contest system,

  • Maxim Zlobober Akhmedov, previously a vigilant Codeforces coordinator, and currently a vigilant Yandex.Algorithm coordinator,

  • Mike MikeMirzayanov Mirzayanov and the Codeforces crew who support the Polygon problem preparation system,

  • and finally, all Yandex employees who took part in testing the problems of the round (sadly, the margin of this blog is too narrow to contain all their names).

The round will feature the standard scheme: 6 randomly shuffled problems for 100 minutes with TCM/Time ranking system. The last GP30 points will be distributed judging by the round results, and the final round advancers will be determined at last (find current scoreboard here). You still have the chance to advance even if you missed the previous rounds!

An editorial will be published in a separate blogpost after the round is concluded. We wish good luck to all participants, and hope you enjoy the problems!

UPD: the start is delayed by 15 minutes for technical reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience!

UPD2: the round is finished! Here be editorial.


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