YouTube Playlist for Dynamic Programming

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I have already released the playlist for Codechef August Long Challenge 2017 here.
A lot of coders face issues with DP as a beginner..
It can be very scary at first, and I understand that.

This is my attempt where I have started a playlist on YouTube where in I will publish videos starting from beginner level, and slowly delve into complex yet interesting problems associated with Dynamic Programming.

DP Playlist Link
DP Tutorial Video Link

In my first video, I've taken a "E" level problem(its easy, but the contraints can be upgraded to make it tougher) from Codeforces and explained
1. The intuition behind the DP states.
2. How do we decide the DP states.
3. How do we find the DP recurrence relations.

My next video for Dynamic Programming + Matrix Exponentiation is coming soon ;)

So stay tuned! Follow the Facebook Page : Click here

Happy Coding B-)


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