Codeforces Round #439 (Div. 2) Editorial

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Hi, all!

This is not Tommyr7, but the impostor behind the round (guess who I am? :P). The statements are written by me. The characters in the round feature, again, the Monogatari anime series, and to be more specific, Nisemonogatari: Fake Tale. The statements involve stories with fake things and oddities, but as per tradition, contain no spoilers. Thank you, everyone, and hope you've all enjoyed the round!

On a side note, special kudos to the best impostors of the round (except me, lol)!

Any feedback on problems and tutorials are welcome -- we look forward to doing even better in the future!

Here are hints for all problems and detailed tutorials!


Problem A
Problem B
Problem C
Problem D
Problem E


869A - The Artful Expedient

Author Tommyr7, cyand1317 / Preparation Tommyr7, cyand1317 / Tutorial cyand1317

Solution 1 (Tommyr7)
Solution 2 (cyand1317)

869B - The Eternal Immortality

Author Tommyr7 / Preparation Tommyr7 / Tutorial cyand1317

Model solution (Tommyr7)

869C - The Intriguing Obsession

Author Tommyr7 / Preparation Tommyr7 / Tutorial Tommyr7

Model solution (Tommyr7)

869D - The Overdosing Ubiquity

Author quailty / Preparation quailty / Tutorial quailty

Model solution (quailty)

869E - The Untended Antiquity

Author Tommyr7 / Preparation Tommyr7, cyand1317, visitWorld / Tutorial cyand1317

Solution 1 (visitWorld)
Solution 2 (Tommyr7)

Tommyr7: I do hope you all enjoyed yourselves during the contest. See you next time!


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