Educational Codeforces Round 32

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Привет, Codeforces!

9 ноября в 18:05 по Москве начнётся Educational Codeforces Round 32.

Продолжается серия образовательных раундов в рамках инициативы Harbour.Space University! Подробности о сотрудничестве Harbour.Space University и Codeforces можно прочитать в посте.

Раунд будет нерейтинговый. Соревнование будет проводиться по немного расширенным правилам ACM ICPC. После окончания раунда будет период времени длительностью в один день, в течение которого вы можете попробовать взломать абсолютно любое решение (в том числе свое). Причем исходный код будет предоставлен не только для чтения, но и для копирования.

Вам будет предложено 7 задач на 2 часа. Мы надеемся, что вам они покажутся интересными.

Задачи вместе со мной готовил Михаил awoo Пикляев.

Удачи в раунде! Успешных решений!

У меня также есть сообщение от наших партнёров, Harbour.Space University:

(перевод будет чуть позже)

Thank you for taking part in the 2nd Hello Barcelona Programming Bootcamp in collaboration with Moscow Workshops ACM ICPC. It was a pleasure to have you on board. We hope you enjoyed it and we would love to have you back next time.

Congratulations ITMO and Harbour.Space University teams for winning divisions A and B! It was amazing watching the scoreboard throughout all nine days as teams from New South Wales, Saint Petersburg, Tokyo, among many others, challenged the top spots. Watch the recap here!

``Geometry is the key to success in modern contests'' states Andrey Stankevich, coach of 7 ACM-ICPC World Champions

Lecturing both divisions A and B, Andrey brought a vast wealth of knowledge to the boot camp, and shed light on how to better tackle the problem sets that teams will face in their upcoming regional competitions.

“What technology should we use to analyze big data?” asks Alexey Dral, Head of Data Science School at Corporate University of Sberbank

Leisure day was a full one, with bus city tours, to gaming, to lectures and workshops. We had many special guests Sberbank, including Alexey Dral, who talks about the impact of a boot camp that is not only focused on the coding aspect, but the machine learning, the data processing and the practices that each participant can utilise to become an ACM-ICPC competitor to be reckoned with.

Scholarship Information

We are offering a Scholarship for each of our three tech programmes: Data Science, Computer Science and Cyber Securityfill out the Form for the January 2018 programme start period or the September 2018 programme start period. We will contact you soon. Can't wait to see you here!

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