HackerEarth HourStorm #2

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Hello everyone! I would like to invite you to participate in HackerEarth HourStorm #2. It’s the second version of a short contest, that runs for 1 hour! The problem set consists of 3 traditional algorithmic tasks of various difficulties. The contest starts on the 11th of August i.e today at 9.30- PM IST

For traditional algorithmic tasks, you will receive points for every test case your solution passes — so you can get some points with partial solutions as well. Check contest page for more details about in-contest schedule and rules.

send_nodes and I have worked on the preparation of the contest. As usual, there will be some prizes for the top three competitors:

$75 Amazon gift card
$50 Amazon gift card
$25 Amazon gift card

In addition, top 5 on the scoreboard with rating less than 1600 will win HackerEarth t-shirts. The problems are on the easier side, giving everybody a fair shot at taking home the prizes. Good luck to everyone, and let's discuss the problems after the contest!

Note that the contest begins after the end of the CF Round.

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