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How to type in programming ?

Revision en3, by Zain, 2019-01-29 02:03:52

After about 5 years of programming, I finally noticed that programmers type blindly!!!! I am so sad that my training all these years went without the perfect benefit. Yes, I can type the most used words in my codes very fast, but I make many mistakes because I do it without fixed reference.

Anyway, now I decided to train typing again in professional way this time. I saw that the most used scheme in typing in general is this:

It is very perfect. But I found that it is very hard for programming, because the right little finger is responsible for huge number (about 22) of characters (i.e 0-=p[];'\/)_+{}:"|? and R-shift and R-ctrl and enter and backspace) and all of theme are used in programming too much. I need advice from who program fast and blindly, please does this scheme work for coding ????!!!! if not, how to code fast and blindly ?????

I know that there are informal ways and I can type fast with them especially with repeated codes and I actually have one. But in my opinion you will always make errors with these ways if you want to type blindly because the fingers are not fixed-placed but adapted with every word randomly. What is the perfect way to type fast with zero errors ?

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