Info(1) Cup 2019 (In memory of Mihai Patrascu)

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3rd edition of Info(1) Cup will take place this weekend. More information on the site. I'll make this post shorter than usual, if you want extra details, you can just check one of the posts from last years (here or here).

This year, we'll have official teams from 27 countries taking part to make this contest memorable. We dedicate this edition in the honor of Mihai Patrascu, one of the greatest Romanian Computer Scientists.

We hope that this edition will be even more fun and challenging than the previous ones. You can practice on past problems on This should give a good idea of the kind of level you could expect from the contest although we try harder and harder to make up more interesting and challenging tasks.

We invite you all to join the online mirror of either of the rounds (the national round, approximately div2 level, and/or the international round — CEOI/BOI/APIO level)

I invite you all to discuss ideas for the problems and give feedback after the ending of the online mirrors.

Good luck, should you choose to compete!

The online mirror is now over. Let's discuss the problems! Please, give us some feedback

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