A script for background-monitoring atcoder contest standings

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Hi everyone.

Some time ago I've written a script which notifies user about fresh changes in the standings during an atcoder contest (under some reasons, one but not the only of them being the last agc, I recalled it just today). More precisely, you set the contest name and a constant $$$k$$$ (5 by default), and you get a notification for each of the first $$$k$$$ accepted submissions on each problem in the contest. This is how it looks in my laptop (I've run it after the contest finished, so that's why there are a lot of notifications):

Some details:

  • The script can be downloaded here. Run python qwe.py -h for help.

  • I use notify-send to notify, so one must have this utility to run this script. This can be replaced by your own way, though (change the line 43 in qwe.py).

  • I cannot surely determine the task letter by its code (maybe it can be uniquely determined by the last digit, but I am not sure), but I assume that in each contest problems have consecutive codes and the problem A is likely to be solved first.

  • In problems with partial scoring any positive score is considered. Moreover, if one passes the problem on, say, 800/1300, and then completely solves it on 1300/1300, you get a notification only for the first submission with positive score for this user.

  • It may distract, so use at your own risk.

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