How can I search the problems by name at problemset?

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Hello. I'm newbie of this site ;^;

Same as title. I want to find some problems by it's name. NOT by tag/contest id/difficulty/or etc...

For example. I pick up some random group Pifagor and random Contest Старшая лига and random problem Little Elephant and Rozdil1

In this situation, I don't know any information of the problem. no tag, no difficulty, no contest id, even no solution code. The Only USEFUL Information is It's name, "Little Elephant and Rozdil1"

But Current Search engine don't search the problems. It only search on blog... There is no way to know that this is same problem with Round #129 (Div2) A

As I think, this is very nonsense because codeforces site is "Problem Solving" website but there is no way to "Search" the "Problem". That means, "There is some way to to this, but you don't know" or "Nonsense, but nobody doesn't need that feature".

So..Could anyone please explain how to search problems at problemset by problem name?


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