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We are going through an unprecedented situation currently. There are lockdowns and quarantines in many parts of the world. We feel the best way to cope with everything that is going on is to keep ourselves occupied.

To help with that, we at CodeDrills have something for all the coders out there. On 25th March, we launched our own online judge and also launched the CodeDrills covid 21 days challenge. Every day, for the 21 days starting from 25th March, we will upload 1 problem. Just login and start solving! The launch coincided with the start of a full lockdown in India.

Since the situation was unexpected, we rushed to put up the site as soon as possible, so there might be issues. If you find any bugs or want to request a feature, please write to us at [email protected] with as much details as possible.

Here is our mascot Ufu wearing a mask: ![](https:// href="">)

Here are the problems launched so far:

Day Problem link
1 Beating Shell sort
2 Curfew delivery
3 Book stacks
4 Square-free subarrays
5 Cookie supply
6 Count of arrays with given LIS length

PS: The old code-drills site is still available at

PPS: We don't have all the 21 problems yet, if you have a problem idea please contact us

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