How to increase Codeforces speed?

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Nowadays tuns of people are in quarantine because of covid-19, so it increased visitors of lots of sites, including CF and caused CF' hosts to overload. So what should we do? In the time that we are bored of staying home and CF staffs(and problem setters) are doing they're best to bring us nice contests, what should we do to help them?

I know that some games' servers brought a feature that you can(if you want) use your computer as a host to help them(specially in Minecraft servers, they give you in-game items if you help them for example). I know it's a little forbidden to use this method but i think it will be much better if we could help CF that way, but it needs staffs attention to make it happen. Its a hard-to-do work but still worth it.

It can be used for example when CF servers are down, or they are overloading(it happens sometimes that lots of codes are submitted and are waiting for judgment), but sadly it will be harder to use this method in online contests, but truly a way to stop queueforces specially in system testing time after and normal times.

I believe lots of people are ready to help CF that way. Please let me know if you have any idea about how to help CF and decrease queueforces(not only after contests).

Please comment below your ideas.

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