[Feature Request] Separate Blog Space for People Asking For Help

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This is my first blog so please tell me if something can be improved.

I've noticed that a lot of the blogs and comments on CodeForces are from people asking for help to debug their code. And while I think this is fine, and people ask for help if they're stuck, these comments and blogs take up a lot of space, especially in Recent Actions and Contest Announcements. For people who don't feel like debugging someone else's solution at the time, it can get annoying to scroll through those comments or blogs. I admit that I have better things to do than scroll through Recent Actions over and over, but I'm (hopefully) not the only one and this would help people find what they're looking for faster.

This would also help people who do debug others' code, and the people asking for help. I recently saw someone post the same request for help on 4 different blogs. See here, here, here, and here. Having a specific area for people to ask for help would stop this, and would match people who need help with those who can help them faster.

I understand that the CF team is probably busy during this time, making sure they're staying healthy and making sure CodeForces doesn't crash every contest. But I thought I'd just throw this idea out there to see whether it's possible, or if there's some obvious flaw I've missed. I know tags exist, but many people don't seem to use them and I don't think you can tag a comment.

Feel free to add your thoughts below.

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