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Hello Codeforces!!

In this blog, I want to present to you a beginner-friendly video lecture series on dynamic programming on trees/an editorial for the CSES tree algorithms section.

CSES is a brilliant problemset for people wanting to get started at competitive programming and get good at it.

My aim till now has been to make the explanations intuitive, crisp and clear. I feel even a beginner will be able to benefit from these video lectures.

So let's get started.
Link to the problems


Explanation :
AC code :

Tree Matching

Explanation :
AC code :

Tree Diameter

Explanation :
AC code :

Tree Distances I

Explanation :
AC code :

Tree Distances II

Explanation :
AC code :

Company Queries I

This problem uses a technique(the technique itself uses DP) known as Binary lifting. I will be adding a detailed lecture on binary lifting with code.

Explanation : Expect it to be added very soon

Company Queries II

This problems requires us to know a technique to calculate LCA of two nodes in a tree in O(logN) time. Evaluation of LCA in O(logN) can be done using binary lifting. I will add a more detailed video soon.

Explanation : Expect it to be added very soon

Distance Queries

Problem Statement : what is the distance between nodes a and b?
Short explanation : Let LCA(a,b) be node x, what is distance between a and x?
Preprocess the levels of all the nodes in the tree.

lvl[i] : level of node i in the tree.
Ans to query distance(a,b) = (lvl[a] — lvl[x]) + (lvl[b] — lvl[x]) where x is the LCA(a,x).

Again finding LCA of two nodes can be done in O(logN) time and levels of all nodes can be found in O(N) time preprocessing.

Will try to add the remaining problems also as soon as possible for me.

I am also planning to add video lecture series on more topics which might be helpful to beginners as well intermediates. I will be open to feedback and suggestions.

I hope people find this helpful :)


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