AlgorithmsThread Episode 6: Convex Hull Tricks

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AlgorithmsThread 6: Convex Hulls

Hi everyone! I just released Episode 6 of AlgorithmsThread (now rebranded from Algorithms Dead after frodakcin's epic suggestion).

In it, I talk about:

  • Getting the convex hull
  • Checking if a point is in a convex hull in $$$O(log(n))$$$
  • Finding the farthest point in some direction in $$$O(log(n))$$$
  • The problem Trash Removal with $$$O(n^3)$$$ -> $$$O(n^2)$$$ -> $$$O(n*log(n))$$$ solutions
  • The more difficult problem Troop Mobilization from ICPC South East Regionals

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions below, as usual :)

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