[GYM] 2020-2021 “Orz Panda” Cup Programming Contest (Online Mirror)

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Our training contest in Xidian University, named 2020-2021 “Orz Panda” Cup Programming Contest will start on Nov. 22, 2020.

The problems are prepared by Xi Ruoyao (me, loujunjie) and Wang Xiaoqing (qkoqhh). Thanks Huang Haitong (fffasttime) for testing the problems. And thanks MikeMirzayanov for Polygon and Codeforces.

The online mirror will start at 22.11.2020 09:00 (Московское время), one hour after the onsite training contest starts. Unfortunately I can't make the mirror public now, because some participant of the onsite round has Codeforces coach rights (for example flukehn). I will make it public after the onsite round starts.

We will select ICPC regional teams from the candidates in Xidian University, by the ranking of this training contest. The problems are easier than ICPC regionals though we tried to make them regional-like.

The training round is for teams, but both teams and individuals can take part in the online mirror.

The “Orz Panda” is a lovely figure we often use to show respect to others.

If you decide to take part in, thanks for support. If not, thanks for reading my bad English.

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