A Complication in Rating Changes

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TL;DR My rating didn't change and I am very sad.

I recently took part in both Round #698 (Div. 1, since I was orange at the time), and Educational Round 103. My performance in the Div. 1 contest was pretty poor, and I lost 63 rating. This dropped me down to 2090, and changed my rank to Candidate Master. So now the Educational Round that I participated in afterwards should be considered a rated round for me. I think I registered after becoming a Candidate Master (although I'm not completely sure).

However, it seems that some complication has come up with rating changes. I did well in the Edu Round, and according to the TLE bot's rating predictor I had more than enough to get back to orange. But it seems I have been skipped entirely when rating changes took effect. I think this may be related to the temporary ratings rollback for Round #698, since it looks like a lot of people were affected by this.

If you want to check, you can view the Div. 1 standings for the Edu Round and look at all the purple names near the top. Even though they were all purple before the contest, their ratings have not changed. Furthermore, all the purples in the Div. 1 standings (or at least the first 10-ish that I checked) were orange before Round #698, and their ratings have not changed.

Is this supposed to happen?

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