Yandex Algorithm 2021 is open!

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Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that Yandex is once again including Yandex.Algorithm as part of the programming championship. The Algorithm track is a great opportunity to solve interesting problems, compete with participants from around the globe, and win cash prizes. This year's championship will be held completely online.


The Algorithm tasks are available in English and Russian.


  • 1st place: 300,000 rubles

  • 2nd place: 250,000 rubles

  • 3rd place: 200,000 rubles

  • 4th place: 150,000 rubles

  • 5th place: 100,000 rubles

There will be T-shirts for top-30 in each categories.

Registration is open until the end of the qualifying round. To learn more and register, go to the site:

I would like to thank the Algorithm team and personally the teamlead of category Chmel_Tolstiy

UPD: Qualification round is running now. It's two hours virtual contest and contestant should start the participation (you need a registration) till 23:59 3rd October (Moscow time, UTC+3).

UPD2: Qualification round is over. Thank you all for participating! Upsolving:

UPD3: Qualification Round Editorial:

UPD4: Algorithm 2021 is over! Congrats to winners ksun48, Radewoosh and Um_nik

Special thanks to tourist for great performance and first place out of competition.

Everyone can register to look at problems or to upsolve:

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