The real problem nobody talks about

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As I'm sure you know, recently sus managed to reach top contributors board. Some people may be excited — finally, a grey in top contributors. However, I think this is incredibly disappointing, since sus has not actually contributed, at all, to the community. Let's take a look at his most recent blogs:

September 7th, AFTERMATH --> This was completely upvote farming. He literally wrote a post congratulating himself on getting top contributor. At the end, he put some memes. If it's not clear, it's just a scheme to get more upvotes.

September 6th, FINAL: TOP ANIME PROTAGONISTS OF CODEFORCES --> He basically just animed the profile photos of random highly rated programmers. He probably didn't do the anime himself and juts used some online anime converter. Not impressive, very lame.

September 5th, HOW TO WRITE A GOOD BLOG --> Erm, also upvote farming on how to write a good blog. Useless, not even funny.

September 2nd, WHERE ARE MY PANTS --> Erm what, not even funny — it's already been pointed out. Clickbait title.

So in short, sus created 4 blogs within the last 6 days, none of which were any use to the community; all of which were complete spam and in my opinion, not even funny. I don't mind funny comments, but spammy attempt-at-funny blogs are dumb and clog up the sidebar. I'm tired of seeing random sus blogs on my sidebar.

Idk, I don't think sus is funny (1-gon is hilarious). He just makes some attempt at funny blogs, gains contribution, and then clogs sidebars. Nothing personal here, I just hope that sus stops pursuing contribution points and starts pursuing contribution because at this point, it's spam.


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