Introducing CF Stonks — A Virtual Stock Market Based on Your CodeForces Rating!

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Final Update: We now have our own DISCORD SERVER. Join us for the latest information and engage with the community at ALl the announcements will be there instead of on this page

Greetings Fellow CodeForces users!

I am proud to introduce my latest project, CF Stonks (aka StonksCF), which is a virtual stock market based on your CodeForces rating.

Have you ever been thrilled by the ups and downs of CodeForces ratings? If so, you will love this project :D. On the website, you will automatically receive $$$200$$$ stocks of your own account (with the rest of the $$$800$$$ being sold on the market) and $$$10,000$$$ in cash upon registration. The price of each stock is based on your rating, so the higher the rating, the higher the price of a stock is. Furthermore, since crossing (or sometimes dropping) into a new division is so exhilarating, we aim to capture that excitement and give a $$$20$$$% boost between the ranks. The exact formula is $$$price = 1.2^{rank} \cdot rating$$$.

While the market is open (closed during contests), you can sell/buy other people's stock. Even though this is just a game, you can use the website as a source of motivation since people depend on you to not lose money 0_0.

So what are you waiting for? Try to become the wealthiest man on the website! More details on the game mechanics can be found on the about page

Steps to get started
Screenshot of the pages

Special thanks to the Nimbus bot developed by gamesterrex and caoash , which serves as my primary inspiration behind this project.

Furthermore, all of the source code is public and available on GitHub here, so if you would like to contribute or give suggestions, please open an issue/pull request.

Good luck and have fun playing :D

Edit: The market has been closed for the Div 3 contest. Good luck to anyone taking!

Edit: Market has been reopened, marking the end of our first trading cycle and the beginning of the second! Have fun trading everyone

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