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XXI Open Cup: Gp of Nanjing
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Hello! I'm happy to announce XXII Open Cup: Grand Prix of Nanjing, which will be held on Dec 12th, 2021.↵

This contest is mainly prepared by [SUA Programming Contest Problem Setter Team](, which has already been used as the 2021 ICPC Asia Nanjing Regional Contest. There are around 700 teams participating in the Regional.↵

This is the fourth Nanjing Regional and the third Grand Prix of Nanjing in Open Cup, I feel very grateful and wish everyone enjoy this contest. ↵

We also have an anonymous author this year, who provides us with a very interesting problem.↵

Authors: [user:chenjb,2021-12-11], [user:TsReaper,2021-12-11], [user:jiangshibiao,2021-12-11], [user:heyshb,2021-12-11], [user:quailty,2021-12-11], [user:Subconscious,2021-12-11], [user:oipotato,2021-12-11]↵

Testers: [user:KAN,2021-12-11], [user:Um_nik,2021-12-11], [user:Merkurev,2021-12-11], [user:TLE,2021-12-11], [user:antontrygubO_o,2021-12-11], [user:Miracle03,2021-12-11], [user:J.T.J.L.,2021-12-11], [user:tun,2021-12-11], [user:sfiction,2021-12-11], [user:cxt,2021-12-11], [user:pb0207,2021-12-11], [user:Eden_CY,2021-12-11], [user:Suika_predator,2021-12-11], [user:lwn_16,2021-12-11], [user:lxlxl,2021-12-11], [user:xpchf,2021-12-11], [user:liyang21,2021-12-11], [user:AkaiLemon,2021-12-11], [user:FrostStar,2021-12-11], [user:UESTC_Nocturne,2021-12-11], [user:Orenji.Sora,2021-12-11], [user:Gromah,2021-12-11], [user:smax,2021-12-11], [user:arvindr9,2021-12-11], [user:RandomKami,2021-12-11]↵

Contest link: (Only visible for users with OpenCup login)↵

I will publish this contest to gym and please feel free to discuss afterwards.


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