XXII Open Cup: Gp of Nanjing

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Hello! I'm happy to announce XXII Open Cup: Grand Prix of Nanjing, which will be held on Dec 12th, 2021.

This contest is mainly prepared by SUA Programming Contest Problem Setter Team, which has already been used as the 2021 ICPC Asia Nanjing Regional Contest. There are around 700 teams participating in the Regional.

This is the fourth Nanjing Regional and the third Grand Prix of Nanjing in Open Cup, I feel very grateful and wish everyone enjoy this contest.

We also have an anonymous author this year. He provides a very interesting problem to this contest.

Authors: chenjb, TsReaper, jiangshibiao, shb123, quailty, Subconscious, oipotato

Testers: KAN, Um_nik, Merkurev, TLE, antontrygubO_o, Rewinding, J.T.J.L., tun, sfiction, cxt, pb0207, Eden_CY, Suika_predator, lwn_16, lxlxl, xpchf, liyang21, AkaiLemon, nothing100, UESTC_Nocturne, Orenji.Sora, Gromah, smax, arvindr9, RandomKami

Contest link: https://official.contest.yandex.ru/opencupXXII/contest/33444/enter (Only visible for users with OpenCup login)

Open Cup Scoreboard: http://opentrains.snarknews.info/~ejudge/res/res10559

Regional Scoreboard: https://board.xcpcio.com/icpc/46th/nanjing

UPD: The contest is in the gym now.

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