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By ChaosAngel, history, 11 days ago, In English,

I would like to draw attention to probably an overlooked, but actually wonderful aspect of this site. Contests here never start on the hour; in fact, they are always 5 minutes afterwards. Practically all of them start at 17:35, but I've never seen a 17:30. Same thing with 16:05 instead of 16!

While for some users this doesn't matter, personally, it makes a difference for me. I usually time myself to arrive on the hour, and this 5 extra minutes acts as a safety net! In fact, it has saved me several times when I came late, because it psychologically forces me to try to be ready 5 minutes before starting.

Finally, if someone, including administration, could tell me why this practice is mainstream here, I'd be very grateful to satiate my curiosity.

I'd like to know if this peculiar starting time habit means anything to anybody else here. But it's impossible not to think of codeforces whenever the clock reads 17:35 :)

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By ChaosAngel, history, 5 months ago, In English,

Hello all, First off, allow me to thank those who put in the time to make all contests- from divisions to educationals to globals to mirrors.

Second of all, I've noticed a spike in the participation rate (10K-11K per contest) which is impressive!

However I also notice that the contests are irregularly spaced, and we occasionally wait 5-7 days for contests. This problem is even worse for div 1 participants.

With rising participation and interest, I would like to see an increased frequency and regularity in the contests-perhaps set a target fixed rate of a contest (of any type) every 3-4 days, with additional contests being placed in between.

This has multiple advantages: regularity ensures consistency, which is positively correlated to community engagement. Furthermore, while one can propose doing virtual contests, I will be the first to say they are not the same thing. Nothing matches a live contest with your peers and friends racing alongside you. (especially when rated).

I hope you guys feel the same!

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

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