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If you don't wanna see some butthurt, skip this post.

1 December: I open main page of codeforces to see a picture of some anime girl taking half of my 1920x1080 screen. I got disgusted back than, but hatred for anime is my personal opinion, but IMO this picture was way too big to be on the main page of CF(it was the biggest one I saw on CF, if i remember correctly).

2 December: after nice Trial Round of NEERC I was looking forward to a CF round. I was not in my hometown and had internet which was LTE, but still was kind of laggy and slow. I was checking in in the hotel at the time of start of the round.

So the round starts, problem A loads, and here we go. There is another f***g anime picture right in front of me (which loads slowly because of internet, and the statement isn't loading until the picture loads (it generally isn't that way though)). Name -> Picture -> Statement. At this point i instantly added some curse words in my template (luckily i decided not to compete, so those didn't make it in public), after that i went straight for problem E, since I couldn't code. "The statement cannot be displayed correctly". Whatever. I open problem D. Another f****g anime picture. At this pointed I decided, fudge it i'll skip this round since I didn't feel that well anyway, and had no desire to solve problems of such an author.

One more thing: gritukan is my teammate in ACM ICPC, so he saw my laptop's screen when I opened that statement, and he was really surprised. Probably he had no idea about the pictures(I don't know for sure because it's not very polite to talk to coordinator of CF about CF during the round).

To sum things up, I do believe authors should have freedom to make almost any legend within bounds, probably should have freedom to decide which tests are pretests, and maybe something else. But in my opinion, this is too much. The legends have the right to exist, cause you can skip it, the dialogs at the top of the statement have the right to exist, because you automatically skip them, without thinking. But this is way too intrusive. What next? Flashing GIFS at the top of the statement?

I would want to say, that this is not a hate post, but, unfortunately, I can't.

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