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By selfcompiler, 5 years ago, In English,

Here is the Link of the topcoder problem Link i read its editorial but not able to get it would anyone like to help me to understand this ??

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Take it like this:

There must be a 1-coin. Suppose you took k 1-coins, then you can't make k + 1 in any way other than by one k + 1-coin. Now, you have ways to make all values up to 2k + 1. Suppose you took l k + 1-coins. Then you can make all values up to l(k + 1) + k, each exactly once. Again, you need a coin with cost l(k + 1) + k + 1 = (l + 1)(k + 1) to achieve the next value. That looks suspicious: in fact, if you have xi coins of the i-th type, the next coin must have value .

That means if we sorted the coin types that we take at least 1 coin into a sequence of xi, then xi - 1 divides xi and there must be coins of type i - 1; the number of coins of the last type can be chosen easily based on the fact that if it's k, then we can make all values up to kxn - 1.

And now that we know how many coins to use, we can do a DP on the total number of coins used for types starting with the i-th, in O(N2). I leave that up to you.

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