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Time according to UTC +5.5

Codeforces Educational Round 9 --> Mar/01/2016 20:30 to Mar/01/2016 22:30

HackerEarth March Easy '16 --------> 01 Mar 2016, 21:30 to 02 Mar 2016, 00:30

HackerRank HourRank 6 ------------> Mar 1 2016, 22:00 to Mar 1 2016, 23:00

HourRank is unrated this time, maybe because of this clash. From past 2-3 months, I wanted to participate in HackerEarth Monthly Easy contests but i couldn't because there was always a clash.

Such type of clashes are complete turn off for many participants. So please try avoid such clashes in future and try to change the timing of contests(if possible) happening on 1st March 2016.

EDIT 1 — Both HourRank and March Easy are rated. This is for the first time HackerEarth contest will be rated!

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