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I created a telegram messenger chatbot for competitive programers. One can register his/her handle for codeforces,codechef,spoj,hackerrank or hackerearth and get his ratings in the bot itself also a ranklist of ratings can be fetched of all the members. One can get random questions from codechef and codeforces according to their choice to the bot itself. Also they can subscribe for getting question of the day. Bot even supports compiling and running code with the help of hackerranks api. One can see upcoming competitions and get reminders about them. Also supports browsing some of the topics from

Link to the bot superCodingBot

Link to the sourcecode superCodingBot source code
Contributions are welcome :)

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ranklist is now ordered according to ratings. priority is codeforces > codechef > hackerrank > hackerearth spoj has no priority