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Hello, this time I want to discuss the problem of contest proposals. (Maybe someone talked about this before but I want to know more)

About 11 months ago, one of my friends zhuky.rlg , djq_cpp and many red/yellow guys sent a contest proposal to Codeforces. But sadly the Codeforces coordinators ingored them and didn't reply in the following 6 months. At last they deleted the proposal.

The second thing happens more than 2 weeks ago, another friend of mine gwq2017 sent a proposal too but sadly the coordinators ingored him too. :(

But on the proposal page it says the coordinators will reply in at most 2 weeks.So I want to know why this is happening? Can admins or anyone tell me what conditions do we have to meet in detail if we want to send a contest proposal?

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I can't understand why there wasn't a comment before I was writing this. Yes,I am zhuky.rlg which was mentioned in his blog,after my contest was proposed,no one tells me how is my problem,when our contest is going to hold,or how many contest proposer is in queue now. I think Mike can make some change for this,and I think my advice is reasonable.Can you understand the feeling if you spent lots of time,make lots of effort on the problems,and then?No one reply you!!!!!!(sorry for my poor english)

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    Basically the outline is the following:

    • We review your proposal, possibly declining some problems
    • You add more problems to replace declined ones, etc, It is interactive part :)
    • When the problemset is accepted, you start preparing it. Coordinators help if there are some problems
    • Then we review the prepared contest, request some changes, handle translations and test it
    • When the contest is prepared or almost prepared it is scheduled on the codeforces!
    • Then we conduct the contest
    • ???
    • Profit)

    If you haven't recieved anything, it means your contest is in review queue. It can take many months now :/