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By rawnix, history, 10 months ago, In English,

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to invite you to participate in Epiphany 9.0 hosted by ACM-NIT SURAT, that will take place on 13th September, 21:00 IST for a duration of 150 minutes. The event is going to be conducted on HackerEarth. Problem difficulty will be equivalent to Div 3 contest.

The problem setters and testers of this events are me(rawnix), pj18, rishabh0305 and jaynils.

Epiphany 9.0

This event is conducted on a yearly basis by ACM-NIT SURAT (Association for Computing Machinery) and is open for all. ACM-NIT SURAT is a local student chapter of the international learned society for computing, ACM.

Prize Money will be given to only NIT SURAT students.


Link to some previous Epiphany : Epiphany 8.0, Epiphany 7.1, Epiphany 7.0

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