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By forget_it, history, 2 months ago, In English,

Please tell me how to approach grid based problems ,especially regarding counting of possible ways to do something.

Is there any algos related to it, please list them.. Any Study material related to these type of problems will help .

for eg. problems like (from codejam):

Problem 1

Problem 2

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Grid Problems generally require you to know how to represent graphs and the dfs, bfs algorithms. But the given Code Jam Problem does not involve dfs. That's all i know so far.

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I don't think this is a good angle to look at this, as if there is some "list of approaches" for "grid problems". The problem you linked is a very ad-hoc one with a constructive solution: solving process is more like trying different patterns with some experience.

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    Any Suggesstion ,how to prepare for codejam round 1 , i looked for past year paper , and problem 1 was the first problem of 2019 contest , i found it tough.

    On average i need to score 50+ score in order to qualify this round.