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I am 16year old boy from India, I Know some c++ with common STL and solved 100 easy problems in Codeforces, Now I am learning DSA side by side and practising in CF, So pls tell me the best or effective method to practice and the first goal is to reach pupil from newbie, so pls say me the effective methods and skills and algorithms to reach pupil(Green from grey) And I have also a Doubt. I should practice on a2oj ladders like(Div2 A, Div2b..etc) or rating wise in the problem set in CF which is effective...

pls, Help me, Brothers/Sisters...

thanks in Advance. And this blog will useful for also newbies like Me thankyou !! And sorry for my bad English...

pls comment bros . i need help

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See Errichto's video on youtube about how to become red in codeforces...

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Hey, I have tried many methods and when I started I was also confused like you. But from my experience I will tell what worked for me in improving effectively. Solve problems by difficulty (ratings) rather than letter (div2 A,B etc). Because sometimes even div2 A problems are rated 1500. And you may not be able to solve that as a beginner. So you can sort the problems (in problemset) by difficulty, and solve the 800 rated problems first. When you become comfortable with that, you increase your difficulty level and repeat. And I didn't followed A2OJ ladders but many used and it worked for them. You can check out this blog. And also use this website. I personally used these two recently and liked them.

Best of Luck