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Thank you all for participating in Codeforces Beta Round # 2. I hope you enjoyed it. You may discuss the problems and system in comments. Please express your opinion, especially if you notice any inappropriate behavior. And as always, I will read with interest the suggestions for improvement.

Congratulations to the three leaders: RAVEman, GarnetCrow and ivan.popelyshev!

See you at Codeforces Beta Round # 3.

P.S. And by the way, the round tutorial is waiting for a volunteer. It is desirable that it will be one of the leaders of today's competition. The tutorial should be in Russian and in English. It will be published on the homepage and later will be available via special link from the contest page.

Announcement of Codeforces Beta Round #2
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in problem A, what is the answer for this test case?:
a -9
a 10
c 1
b 1

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Could anyone explain the statement of problem C for me please ? I can't understand it :(

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    Three circles are given. You need to find a point on the plain such that we can see all the circles from this point with the same angle. And if there is no such point, the program should not output a thing.

    On this picture from point B we can see the circle with angle ABC.