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First of all, I do not support the invasion. However I'm going to explain why I believe both the US and Ukraine have major faults in the Russian invasion.

Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? In short, the Soviet Union wanted to place nuclear warheads in Cuba, but the US would not allow it, and threatened to use nuclear weapons if Soviet ships sent nuclear warheads into Cuba.

Now, after both the Warsaw Pact and the USSR dissolved, Russia asked NATO to say that they would never expand Eastward. NATO did not agree but they did say they would discuss it.

NATO has expanded eastward 3 times. Russia was very angry but did not do anything. The reason was that all of them are fairly far away from Moscow. However, Ukraine is the closest and is right in front of Moscow's front door. Allowing other neighboring countries to join NATO is not great but at least tolerable.

However, Russia allowing Ukraine to join NATO would be like the US letting the USSR put nuclear warheads in Cuba. It is impossible.

But after current Ukrainian president Zelensky assumed office in 2019, he, being the clown he is, as an actor and comedian, decided to sign a constitutional amendment committing the country to becoming a member of NATO.

Russia could tolerate pretty much any country except Ukraine from joining. Not only is it huge, it's also the closest country to Moscow (excluding Belarus which is close allies with Russia).

Russia did not decide to invade Ukraine this month. They probably had plans about it 3 years ago, and just thought now was the best time to do so to stop Ukraine from ever joining NATO.

And Biden, being the Sleepy Joe he is, didn't even say anything productive. Instead, it seemed like he was inviting Russia to attack.

First of all he said things like 'we will defend every inch of NATO territory'. That's complete nonsense. What purpose does that statement serve? Ukraine isn't part of NATO, so saying that is really just saying the US won't be doing much to help.

And he didn't help by continually saying 'Russia will definitely invade Ukraine. Probability is very high' shit. Well, Mr. President, if you had done anything useful, Russia would definitely not invade Ukraine.

And I don't want to hear about anything related to morals, about war being wrong. The US is always sticking its nose into other people's business, whether it's bombing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia.

The US really be telling Russia not to invade Ukraine, and then goes and airstrikes Somalia today.

I really don't understand the hypocrisy.

Do Ukrainian lives matter more than Somalians?

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How do you learn from your mistakes? Like how do you learn from the solution? Even if I understand the solution, I am not able to generalize the answer to the one problem to others of the same type.

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I was wondering why div 3 contests are usually on weekdays. I thought people who can actually participate in div 3 contests are mostly newbies like me in middle/high school, or in college, and we usually have class in the mornings. So I think more of us could participate if they were on weekends. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks

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