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/predownloaded/a5/dd/a5dd4cea1932ebb870a8ff891ef49e96a960853e.png This is the Legend from India solving doubts on Code chef AkA(Cheat Chef) His age is only ~16 tourist be careful he will surely overtake you in few months

Sad reality part 1:( /predownloaded/84/e0/84e0912b58d2f98f5a3dd162ecac00a071d3de2f.png

Sad reality part 2:((( /predownloaded/11/9e/119e67eb327342daecaad3ad0af88aa2cfd5b01e.png

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By satmangod100, history, 5 months ago, In English

if you high rated coders, don't have time to answer we cyan coder then why the hell you downvote you don't have the right to do and demotivate others .

I am Indian and my job is to become purple after that I will never open CF in my life . all indians do cp just to get jobs (FACT) .

the fact that no Indian is LGM is very clear that we don't care CP after getting job.

whenever i ask doubt I have to use this account because you high coders always downvote me .

I don't have 6-7 years to practice only 1 year is left and I have to perform there .

who on earth enjoys cp except the red and yellow .

Conclusion : Instead of downvoting others try to motivate them by tell some thing not by just blindly downvoting . we are asking for HELP .

Sorry if this hurts but now I really don't have much time left . doing cp at 3 am in indian . just to crack inter views .

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By satmangod100, history, 6 months ago, In English

1609D — Social Network Note that the conditions form a collection of disjoint sets. Consider two situations:

  • The next condition connects two previously unconnected sets: then we will simply unite.
  • The next condition connects two previously connected sets: this case allows us to "postpone" an edge to use it as we like.

in this problem how we can conclude the second observation .. if it is previously connected.. unable to understand.

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By satmangod100, history, 8 months ago, In English

my rating in codeforces was not increasing so I switched to codechef. so after 2 contest I realised that there is no point in spending endless hours in codechef.

after every contest there is so much cheating going on and codechef doesn't even checks it. code chef admins are sleeping and don't understand anything.. and more over they keep contest of 3 hrs.. where at last 30 min submission jump like anything which clearly is sign of cheating..

codeforces is very safe and there is very less cheating takes place.. all thanks to Mike Sir

for example . . . .

I can give you endless example of cheats .. but there is no point Indians are cheater and there nature is to cheat which affects others ..

MY HUMBLE REQUEST Stop participating in code chef contest.otherwise you will get demotivated.

I am writing this blog with my fake account because some indian will down vote it ..

all the Indian are Cheaters (except few ) (Majority) .. sorry for some good Indian coders !!!!!!!!!

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