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Hello, Codeforces!

As you know from this post and this post, Bubble Cup is a programming competition organized by Microsoft Development Center Serbia. This year was held the first BubbleCup Conference where competitions gurus talked about competitive programming and more!

And I wanted to share with you some great and useful talks. I sorted them in order of when they were presented, because some part of one lecturer is in the video of the other lecturer. I would suggest you to start from begging. Enjoy :)

Michal Forisek (misof) — talked about how it's easy to get discouraged in competitive programming; how to practise, do what gives you the largest benefits; about new point of view through, at first glance, easy graph problem.

Przemyslaw Debiak (Psyho aka Psyho) — additional information on this post, and quick link to the full presentation.

Mike Mirzayanov (MikeMirzayanov) — talked about his history of competitive programming and Codeforces.

Marko Panic, Andreja Ilic, Zeljko Nikolicic (MDCS crew) — talked about history of Bubble Cup competition.

At the end there is a playlist of these videos. And if you want to see that last clip at the end of the last video there you go.

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By sbakic, history, 6 years ago, In English

According to this, we can use to_string() only with compiler higher than GCC 4.8.0 and with C++ 11.

But I submitted with GNU C++ 11 4.9.2 (12720137) and got this error.

I know there are other solutions to convert int to string, but I want to know what is problem with this one. I am using compiler GNU C++ 11 5.1.0 and it's working on my computer. Thanks.

UPD: Tutorial

This will be a quick tutorial about stringstream, istringstream and ostringstream. It may be usefull for someone.

istream and ostream: Interfaces to streaming data (files, sockets, etc.).

istringstream: An istream that wraps a string and offers its contents.

ostringstream: An ostream that saves the content written to it as a string.

stringstream: An iostream can be used to both read strings and write data into strings.

The inheritance relationships between the classes

Difference between stringstream and ostringstream

Classes stringstream and ostringstream pass different flags to the stringbuf. The stringbuf of an ostringstream does not support reading. The way to extract characters from an ostringstream is by using the std :: ostringstream :: str() function. Using 'just' istringstream or ostringstream better expresses your intent and gives you some checking against silly mistakes such as accidental use of << vs >>. A stringstream is somewhat larger, and might have slightly lower performance; multiple inheritance can require an adjustment to the vtable pointer.

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