Bubble Cup Conference

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Hello, Codeforces!

As you know from this post and this post, Bubble Cup is a programming competition organized by Microsoft Development Center Serbia. This year was held the first BubbleCup Conference where competitions gurus talked about competitive programming and more!

And I wanted to share with you some great and useful talks. I sorted them in order of when they were presented, because some part of one lecturer is in the video of the other lecturer. I would suggest you to start from begging. Enjoy :)

Michal Forisek (misof) — talked about how it's easy to get discouraged in competitive programming; how to practise, do what gives you the largest benefits; about new point of view through, at first glance, easy graph problem.

Przemyslaw Debiak (Psyho aka Psyho) — additional information on this post, and quick link to the full presentation.

Mike Mirzayanov (MikeMirzayanov) — talked about his history of competitive programming and Codeforces.

Marko Panic, Andreja Ilic, Zeljko Nikolicic (MDCS crew) — talked about history of Bubble Cup competition.

At the end there is a playlist of these videos. And if you want to see that last clip at the end of the last video there you go.

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