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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

in here i get wrong answer but what is interesting is that logically it's correct but at the end of line it couts another thing...

can anybody says what is wrong?

Diagnostics Diagnostics detected issues [cpp.g++17-drmemory]: ~.M~~ Dr. Memory version 1.11.0 ~.M~~ Running "program.exe"

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. ~.M~~ ~.M~~ NO ERRORS FOUND: ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total unaddressable access(es) ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total uninitialized access(es) ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total invalid heap argument(s) ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total GDI usage error(s) ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total handle leak(s) ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total warning(s) ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total, 0 byte(s) of leak(s) ~.M~~ 0 unique, 0 total, 0 byte(s) of possible leak(s) ~.M~~ ERRORS IGNORED: ~.M~~ 2 potential error(s) (suspected false positives) ~.M~~ (details: C:\Programs\drmemory\drmemory\logs\DrMemory-program.exe.5784.002\potential_errors.txt) ~.M~~ 9 unique, 9 total, 23420 byte(s) of still-reachable allocation(s) ~.M~~ (re-run with "-show_reachable" for details) ~.M~~ Details: C:\Programs\drmemory\drmemory\logs\DrMemory-program.exe.5784.002\results.txt ~.M~~ WARNING: application exited with abnormal code 0x3

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in the name of god

i wonder which algorithms and data structures needed to solve D and E questions

i can solve C questions

but i can't solve D and E questions and i wonder what must i focus on it

actually practice and practice more is main way but i don't know that i must practice C questions more and more or i must

practice hard questions and one thing more is that how must i practice hard questions

for example think on one question for a weak or think on it 2-3 hours then read editorial of it...

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