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Hello guys,

I have a probability problem that might look easy for most of you mature and experienced programmers,

" For a football team which consist of 11 players, there's a player that's gonna retire.

the coach of that team decided to make a challenge among n young players to have that player's position, and he decided to make some 1-to-1 matches

the coach has some expectations for that matches, so he wrote down an n*n matrix that holds these expectations,

let's call that matrix with the name A, so for A[i][j], there's a value between 0 and 1 which denotes the probability of player i wins against player j according to the coach expectations. for sure that matrix is gonna be symmetric and A[j][i] = 1 — A[i][j]."

I need to find out each player's probability of holding that position according to the given information, to be real this problem is driving me nuts and for sure any help would be appreciated :"))

Forgive my bad English since I'm a non native speaker, and thank you guys :)


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