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Stop fucking yourself

Revision en1, by accidentallygivenfuck, 2016-04-16 15:34:27

Stop fucking yourself. If it has been long enough for you to exhibit some kind of progress but you haven't fucking shown any yet, then fucking quit. You are little fucking cunt that can't just put their ass down and fucking do the shit they should do. You are fucking feeble looser that would be the most use to themselves only and only by closing themselves in a fucking toilet and fucking their hand (And yeah their hand, because that is the only thing they can fuck). If you still insist that you ain't no fucking cumming pussy, then fucking force yourself to get some shit done and show me that you are not some worthless shit. But you know what? I know what exactly will happen. You will accept the fucking challenge but still you will fucking fuck yourself in the anus and won't achieve any fucking shit. Now prove me wrong fucking motherfucker.

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