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Hello CodeForces Community!

HackerRank is back with another World Codesprint! Join us on 21st May, exact time can be found here.

Its your chance to win upto $2000 Amazon gift cards/bitcoins and tshirts. [Note: Winners from US and India will receive Amazon Gift Cards. Winners from other countries will receive equivalent USD amount in bitcoins.].

Contest duration is 24 hours. The contest will be rated. If two person gets same score, the person who reached the score first will be ranked higher.

The challenges were prepared by osmanorhan, muratt, ma5termind, forthright48, cherrytree. I would like to thank wanbo and malcolm for helping to prepare this round.

Editorials will be live soon after the contest ends, I invite everyone from experts to beginners to participate and solve challenges. I hope everyone will enjoy the contest.

Update: The contest is in 2 hours.

Score Distribution: 15-25-40-50-60-70-80-100

Edit: Rating updated!







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