HackerRank HourRank 13

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Another HourRank round is on the way! The time is 4th October 2016, 16:30 UTC. You have just 1 hour to solve 3 algorithmic problems.

The authors for this round are ma5termind, scorpion and me. wanbo tested the problems. tunyash and allllekssssa helped a lot to finalize the selection.

We tried our best to make the round interesting. All the problems have short statements. There are subtasks in each of the problems, so I highly recommend you to read all the problems.

Scores of the problems:

  • 25 [70% score for the 1st subtask]
  • 50 [30% score for the 1st subtask and 60% score in the 2nd subtask]
  • 60 [25% score for the 1st subtask and 70% score in the 2nd subtask]

If two person has the same score, the one who reached the score first will win.


The contest has ended and rating updated. Let us know your feedbacks!

Top-10 winners will get a cool HackerRank t-shirt.

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