Invitation to ICO Preparatory Contest 6

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Hello wonderful Codeforces Community!

I would like to invite you to the 6th and the last contest of the Preparatory Series for the Indian Computing Olympiad hosted by us. The contest will start on 4th Januray, 2018 7:30 PM IST.

The problems are set by Adhyyan Sekhsaria(Adhyyan1252), Soham Mukherjee(soham_1234) and me(MagicPotato). I would also like to thank Taranpreet Singh(taran_1407) to help us with the testing and editorials. :D

There will be 4 problems and 3 hours to solve them. The difficulty will be around the INOI level although anyone can participate for the joy of solving the problems. :D

Contest link: Click here

I hope you like the problems and this serves as a great start to the year. :)

All the best, see you on the leaderboards. :D

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