Let's promote Codeforces among Google Code Jam participants

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Hi all!

Soon thousands of people will participate in Google Code Jam qualification round. There is a problem though: Code Jam website doesn't offer a good place to discuss the problems afterwards. There is an official Google group, but it is a poor place for discussion: not only is it premoderated, but they also reject/delete useful posts, like this one.

There is a solution: point people at Codeforces, the best place to discuss programming competitions! If we just start posting messages about Codeforces to the Google group, they will probably delete them. But there is something else that people (sometimes) read: your code. For many years, Code Jam allowed anyone to read any participant's code after the contest. While the current system doesn't support this yet, this is something that Code Jam team is willing to resolve. So, my idea is for as many people as possible to add a comment like this to every Code Jam submission:

// Discuss this problem on Codeforces: http://codeforces.com/

Or better, use a link to a post about the specific round. This way, those who try to learn by looking at other's code will find out about Codeforces, which is good.

Do you have any similar ideas?

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