Distributed Code Jam 2018 round 1

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Distributed Code Jam 2018 round 1 starts on Sunday, June 10th at 14:00 UTC and lasts 3 hours. This round is open for everyone who advanced to round 3 of the regular Code Jam. Top 20 contestants will earn a trip to the final round in Toronto.

This year, Google will use the old contest system for Distributed Code Jam rounds. Only C++ and Java are supported, and the versions of compilers used are ancient: GCC 4.7.2 for C++ and Java 7. Beware that GCC 4.7.2 was released in 2012 and doesn't support many new C++ features. If you are using Java, your main class must be named Main, not Solution.

As some people found out, you must have registered for Distributed Code Jam, but it wasn't required if you already had your data in the old system. In any case, you may visit this page to check that your data is there.

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